Schools are working hard to support students during COVID-19. I can consult with you about how your school can meet parents and students where they are.

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I am also offering:

Workshops and Talks on Zoom to support parents during COVID19:

As schools transition to distance learning, we are very focused on supporting students. Parents also need support and encouragement as they learn to adapt to working from home while facilitating connected learning.

Screenwise author, Devorah Heitner, PhD is offering webinar focused on the social-emotional components of screentime in balance with unplugged time during this unusual period in family life.

Talks for parents can focus on:

  • Setting up routines and spaces at home for distance learning
  • What should the “screen time” rules be for both recreational and learning tech use during this unusual time.
  • How to help kids deal with anxiety during this time.
  • How to keep up with news without getting overwhelmed (and being cautious with what news kids are consuming)
  • How can adults model healthy habits and boundaries while working from home with our children around.
  • How can social media help our kids keep in touch with friends?
  • How can parents mentor kids on social media, texting and gaming during this time.

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What people are saying:

Devorah, I want to thank you for sharing your research and advice, especially tailored for these strange times. What I really liked about what you just shared with us is that it both had a broad kind of overarching and connecting themes and the “in the weeds” detailed advice we are craving as parents, especially right now. 

 Parent at Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA 

Devorah Heitner’s parent talk was superb!  Her talk was humorous, interactive, practical, and highly relevant to parents’ questions and concerns. We are looking forward to having Devorah back next year. Highly recommended!

Alicia Duell, Director of Technology and Information Services CCSD21


Contact: [email protected] to schedule.