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Kids are Growing Up in Public and Parents are Worried

Unless you were a child celebrity, your kid probably has far less privacy than you did. From first time your child plays a game on a public server, to their first email account, first phone, first social media account, to taking over managing their own medical and academic records at… Read more

Facebook Doesn’t Care About Our Kids: What Parents Can Do

Does Instagram Hurt Kids? Parents ask me all the time: Does Instagram hurt kids? Is social media bad for kids? My answer…It depends. Based on my own research as well as other published research, we know that connecting online with friends via texting, games or social apps can be positive… Read more

Transitions are Hard: Moving is Hell Edition

  We moved this week. We’re settling into a new house after five years in our beloved apartment. My 12-year-old is not too thrilled about uprooting from a neighborhood and town he really loves. And then on moving day, something really scary happened. We put our beloved cat in the… Read more

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