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Screentime Battles: When Kids Refuse to Unplug

Many parents who come to my events are excited about my becoming a tech-positive parent…up to a point. But they are also sick of battling with their kids. Some of them harbor an idealized version of the past, which can lead to a negative impression of technology. Here are some “next steps” to help.

How to Talk to Other Parents About Their Child: New Rules for the Digital Age

What happens when one of your kid’s friends is doing something inappropriate with social media or the Internet? Having that “uncomfortable conversation” may not be fun, but looking out for each others’ kids is good for all of us as parents.

Kids Don’t Always Know When News Is Fake

A new study out of Stanford is showing that kids can’t identify “fake news.” This is of concern to parents and educators, so here are some things you can do to address the issue and help kids read more critically.