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Are you worried about cyberbullying, sexting and digital distractions?



Learn how you can mentor instead of monitor.


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Based on real-life stories from other parents and Heitner’s wealth of knowledge on the subject, Screenwise teaches parents what they need to know in order to raise kids who will be successful in the a world fueled by technology.


Want some guidance on navigating their digital world?
Here’s what you need to understand it:


Student Workshops

You have an “Internet Safety” curriculum, but it doesn’t address how students are feeling.

Dr. Heitner’s workshops address:

• Digital Age Social Skills
• Digital Footprint/Privacy/Reputation
• Dealing with Exclusion



Consulting & Professional Development

Devorah offers comprehensive consulting and professional development, including

  • Mapping Digital Citizenship Curriculum
  • Policy Review
  • Parent Engagement
  • Focus Groups (parents, students, faculty)
  • Positive Approaches to Digital Citizenship



Parent Talks

Raising Digital Natives is more than an Internet Safety speaker. It’s up to us as parents to ensure that we are helping our kids develop the skills they need to thrive in their Digital World.  Devorah brings a refreshing and optimistic perspective to parents. Move beyond “techno-guilt” and focus on mentoring and guiding kids to become thoughtful digital citizens.


Let’s stand up. Let’s be mentors. It’s up to us.

“Devorah’s approach to empowering teachers and parents is not based on fear. She focused on building empathy, understanding and ultimately, positive identities. She illustrates clearly how to harness the power of technology (including social media) to help children learn and grow.”

John Novick Intermediate & Middle School Division Head Francis W. Parker School

“Devorah’s approach was empowering both to children and parents by encouraging a partnership to use technology for creativity and learning. I appreciated her simple tips that will allow me to be intentional with my daughter as she learns how to be digitally savvy and learns important life skills that will carry throughout her life.”

Barbara Nordlund, M.A., Psychology,
Executive Director of a early childhood child center and parent of three girls

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